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Surround yourself with women who empower you to believe bigger in yourself

Amazing things happen when we invest in ourselves:

Are you ready to build deep connections with like minded rural women, gain clarity around your goals and priorities, and walk away with actionable steps to bring your dream life to fruition?

This isn’t your average weekend getaway 

This is a space for meaningful connection, intentional vision casting, and actionable implementation! 

Join fellow rural doers and dreamers for an intimate midwestern weekend retreat in March 2024 in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama! Here you’ll say HECK YES to your personal and professional growth, foster genuine long-lasting friendships, and of course… have a little fun along the way! 

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You are invited!

ascend retreat

location: Gulf Shores, alabama
Date: march 14 - 17, 2024

Retreat Schedule Overview 

Thursday Evening
  • Welcome Dinner 
  • Retreat Kickoff and Setting Intentions with Coach Kiah

  • Workshop with Kylie Epperson
  • Small Group Mastermind Sessions 
  • Invigorate 
  • Evening session

  • Workshop with Emily Reuschel 
  • Small Group Mastermind Sessions 
  • Invigorate 
  • Evening session 

  • Retreat Closing with Emily Reuschel 

A clear vision for your goals and priorities in life and career
An action plan to bring your dream to reality
A community of women to hold you accountable to growth 

A personalized workbook to document your takeaways from sessions with high level coaches

A renewed sense of intentionality and purpose

And oh so much more! 

What you’ll take home

Join us!

This is an incredible opportunity for you to take a moment to focus on YOU: your growth, your goals, and finding your people! It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday demands of life, so this unique retreat will be a place to rest, rejuvenate, and reignite that flame that’s burning inside!

Craving clarity in where you’re headed? Connection with women equally purpose driven as you? A weekend away to truly focus on your growth?

Invigorating workshops with tactical takeaways for personal and professional growth
Clean, nourishing home cooked meals by Colorado based Chef Andrea, Fresh Food Further
Small group mastermind sessions facilitated by Emily Reuschel, Coach Kiah, and Kylie Epperson 

1:1 Lifestyle Photography Session with Hannah Gaebel Dorn Photography 

Morning Movement 

Time to pour into YOU: walk along the lake, relax on the patio,  engage in topic specific small group conversations, or quiet space to think and process

A true sisterhood of women who will help you level up life and business for years after a weekend in branson!

here's what to expect

The one of a kind community experience will be held in a luxury home in Gulf Shores, Alabama! Be prepared for belly laughing on the beach, vision casting on living room couches with purpose driven women, and swapping stories and ideas over morning coffee and the sound of crashing waves on the patio. This will be a very community focused experience and YES, that means you! 

take action on your dreams!

march 2024

Gulf shores, alabama

I am so grateful that I took a chance on myself! My life has forever changed; I am literally not the same person that I was before this retreat. I’m so excited for all the possibilities of what my future has in store. 

ellan Ruskamp

"It’s been a safe space to share my heart - both joys and challenges"

Samantha Miller 

"It’s been a safe space to share my heart - both joys and challenges"

Samantha Miller 

connect, learn, grow

emily reuschel


Nowadays, I’m a full-time entrepreneur, passionately serving rural women through life coaching, speaking, masterminds, retreats, digital content, and my Podcast: Gather in Growth.

My #YOUDOYOU82 personalized habit challenge is all about helping YOU build strong, attainable, and consistent habits so you’re empowered and strengthened to show up for YOUR people.

My joy list includes red dirt country music, iced americanos, snuggling on the couch with my fam, personal growth books, and long runs out on our rural backroads. If you’re ever in Illinois, give me a holler! 



Kiah is a California cattle rancher turned life coach and speaker, passionate about empowering others to create a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy life they love with a mindset-first approach. After battling with her own weight and body image from a young age, she embarked on a personal health journey losing over 100 pounds, but more importantly, the mental weight she had been carrying for years. 

She is more excited than ever to help others break free from self-shame, rediscover the magic and power within them, and step into the joyful and fulfilling life that was meant for them.

kylie epperson


Kylie Epperson is a Missouri House of Colour Consultant, Farm Wife, Mom to Three, and Agriculture Advocate and Speaker. 

She helps rural women find power in themselves, connection in community, and confidence through color. Online, Kylie shares the relatable ins and outs of motherhood and farming whilst staying grounded in gratitude and humor. 

Kylie loves helping women build confidence, camping with her family, long afternoon boat rides, the hottest coffee on earth, exercising for sanity, and a good lipstick.

andrea uzarowski


Growing up in Europe Chef Andrea learned to appreciate how pure ingredients can be. Through growing fresh fruits and vegetables at home, while raising animals, she learned from an early age how to prepare the best ingredients in the simplest of ways in order to create delicious meals.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Andrea was fortunate to learn under some of the most talented and inspiring chefs around the world where she further cultivated the importance of working with local ingredients and developed skills to utilize every bit of the ingredient in a creative manner both as a private chef and helping clients with upscale weddings and catering events. 

Chef Andrea's philosophy of respecting each ingredient still echoes her early years; using classic techniques to prepare food into something truly unique.

hannah gaebel dorn


Hannah Dorn is a photographer and rural enthusiast born, raised, and currently residing in South Central Nebraska. She captures the real of rural living through #ShoeboxPhotos that leave a legacy. Hannah enjoys photographing and sharing the stories of rural folks in agriculture and the businesses that thrive in our communities.
In her free time, Hannah enjoys exercising, reading, and spending time with her husband Andy and Australian Shepherd Mae at their ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills.

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Join us!

I’m a midwestern farm wife and former elementary school teacher with a freaking passion for pouring into rural women and helping them tap into the callings on their heart and build healthy and authentic lives that they love.

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“Being connected to Emily is a blessing because her radiant energy and positive vibes are contagious. She makes me feel like it’s okay to stay grounded in my own truths and be the kind of person who walks around with a smile even if everything isn’t okay. Her genuine smile and charming personality is a blessing to the world. She continues to inspire me even on the days when I feel uninspired.”

Blair Pollister
Turquoise by the Water

“Emily has a beautiful zest for life and a true passion to help others achieve greatness. She knows the importance of self-investment, and not only encourages others to do so but also follows through with bettering herself in this way, too. As you get to know Emily, you’ll see a unique, loving and vulnerable person. She’s always open to learning and seeing things from different points of views because she knows that leads to true change.”

Denise Talcott
TEDDYco Media 

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